Investing from overseas? Our NRI property loans provide the perfect financial support for your investment plans back home.

Home / Villa / Flat Purchase Loan

Whether it’s a home, or a villa, or a contemporary flat, we offer personalized financial options to transform your vision into a tangible asset. Our adaptable repayment plans and competitive rates guarantee a smooth and trouble-free journey as you embark on the quest to purchase your dream property.

Home Villa Purchase
Home Construction

Home Construction Loan

Is your home in the blueprint stage, or are you still visualizing your ideal living space? Our proficient team offers complete assistance, from assessing your construction plans to facilitating fund disbursement, ensuring a smooth and worry-free home-building journey.

Residential Plot Purchase Loan

Your aspiration is now attainable with LoanMate’s Residential Plot Purchase Loans. Our adaptable financial options are crafted to accompany you through each phase of your property acquisition journey, making the process convenient and budget friendly.

Residential Plot Purchase
Home Extension

Plot Purchase & Construction Loan

Have you found the perfect plot of land for constructing your dream home? From securing the ideal plot to overseeing the construction process, our flexible financing options are tailored to support all your financial needs.

Commercial Property Purchase Loan

No matter if you’re eyeing a new office space, retail outlet, or industrial property, our Commercial Property Purchase Loan is tailor-made to drive your expansion. Experience fast and seamless loan processing for swift property acquisition that aligns with your goals.

Home Villa Purchase
Residential Plot Purchase

Loan Against Residential / Commercial Property (LAP)

Seeking a convenient solution to finance your aspirations without relinquishing your property? LoanMate’s Loan Against Residential / Commercial Property (LAP) loans offer numerous advantages to meet your needs.